Ecomondo 2023

We will wait you from Nov. 7th to 10th at our stand in Ecomondo Fair in Rimini!

Foyo valves for mining application

The solution for the shut-off, regulation and transfer of abrasive and corrosive products. In 2023, AGECO Italy supplied valves with ball and internal components in ZrO2 and Al2O3 for use in the mining industry in a plant in northern Europe.

The old and the new

Thirty years of reliability. Knife gate valves type VN working side by side with knife gate valves type VR supplied in the 1980s. These valves are currently installed and operating in a waste water treatment plant in South Tyrol.

Knife gate valves for drilling machines

Hydraulically actuated knife gate valves The MFH knife gate valves is the optimal solution for mounting on drilling machines; robustly made to withstand the stress of such a heavy-duty application, it combines compact design with a sealing system designed for abrasive mediums such as sludge with bentonite.

Knife gate valves with PTFE coating

The solution for shut-off of sticky medium In the case of problematic sticky medium, the best solution is knife gate valves with body and gate with PTFE coating. This ensures an easy and optimal solution, suitable on all types of valves.


Cutter-pack “WEYOTINE”

The cutting system “Weyotine” makes it easy to cut long fibres contained in sludge and water. Plastics, papers, textile fibres and wood fibres can be easily cut!


Vacuum pack

Industrial processes not only require continuous increases in operating pressure, but also higher vacuum levels. This need was taked into consideration by our engineers, who realised a functional solution. The new Vacuum-Pack system allows operating pressures of 6 bar and at the same time enables pressures of 10mbar absolute vacuum to be reached under absolutely …

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